Coloring Books for Adults

February 22, 2017


My recommendation is just don’t do it.

Buy a book like this instead: Drawing on the Left Side of the Brain by Edwards, and buy a drawing pad.

What We Miss

February 22, 2017


I have not slept well for the last couple of days. After one particularly sleepless night, my employer called and wanted me to come in to work extra to fill a shift hole. I had a head cold and had slept only an hour or two the previous night, but eventually I told her, “Yes.” Instead of a twelve hour shift, it was just an eight hour shift.

I got what sleep I could with what was left of the day and went to work at 10:30 at night. The shift went well, and I came home and took some Nyquil and went to sleep. Eventually I moved to the la z boy and slept there with a cup of hot tea and a quilt. My helpful husband brought home chicken for supper.

I am looking at working two twelves and then a day off and two more twelves.

It looks overwhelming.

Several things look overwhelming to me at this point.

Suddenly it dawned on me that I have really quit being thankful.

After reading the book, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I resolved to make being thankful part of my every day experience. I have been slipping up lately, and life has become kind of a drag, to use a good sixties word.

I have so very much to be thankful for and I need to be thanking Someone, even when life seems overwhelming, or maybe when life seems overwhelming, not so He works a magical change in my circumstances, but so I do not forget who is Sovereign over all of life at all times. If I miss that, I have missed everything.

Church kids

February 20, 2017


My grandson is two years old and has been just sitting in church with his mom and dad for two years. He really hated nursery. Last week, he went to the 2s class. This week the little ones sang before the service started. Instead of standing in front, they all marched around the center grouping of chairs and sang about the name of the Lord being a strong tower while doing hand motions and running when the song said to run to the Lord.

It was marvelous.

When Life Gives You Muffins

February 19, 2017


Today I decided to make muffins to take to church tomorrow. I go to a smallish church that actually provides free coffee, unlike the mega churches, and people bring baked goods. Lemon Poppyseed Mini Muffins sounded good.

They were good, but they stuck to the muffin pan even though I greased and floured the little cups.


Big frustration over little muffins.

Then, I had this great idea. I used a bread knife to cut the tops off of the muffins. They look like muffin cookies. Then I used the flat end of a knife to pry the remaining muffins out of the pans. The cut off tops look amazingly uniform.

They are plastic wrapped and on trays ready for Sunday. I find it too funny that this failure of baking actually turned into something usable.


Ezekiel Day Two

February 18, 2017


Every day I find something in Ezekiel that is amazing. This experience is teaching me not to be so closed-minded to difficult things.

And I may buy a really cool psychopharmacology book just to read and study for fun. Actually, this would be my second one, but who is counting. The other one was a simplified one. This would be the big Bertha version. One of my co-workers let me peruse his 5th edition of Stahl’s. Some things are too intriguing not to own.

It is kind of a nerd out day.

Ezekiel and the Theology of Work

February 18, 2017


My current Bible reading is in Ezekiel, a book that I have always detested. Ezekiel was all white pages for me with no highlighting or underlining or notes on the text.

For some odd reason, this year is different. Tonight I was perusing an interesting website, and found the following excerpt which pretty much describes the U.S.

If the exiled Jews in Babylon missed the positive example in chapter 18, Ezekiel 22 gives them an explicit picture of where the nation went off the rails set by God. Jerusalem is the setting as the prophet looks at the political, economic and religious factors that led to its ultimate destruction. According to Robert Linthicum, the purpose of the political system is to establish a politics of justice and obedience to God (Deuteronomy 16:18-20; 17:8-18). The economic system is called to maintain an economics of stewardship and generosity (Deuteronomy 6:10-15; 15:1-18). The religious system is primarily responsible to bring people into a relationship with God and to ground the political and economic systems in God (Deuteronomy 10:12; 11:28). Religion provides the fences for the community and gives meaning to life. The political system provides the process, and the economic system supports the community. When the religious system gets out of order, everything else is up for grabs.[13]According to God’s law, the disparity between rich and poor (wealth and poverty) is a direct indicator of a nation’s or a community’s distance from God.

We have really missed what God has for us in the U.S. What we have left is the opportunity to repent and intercede. Here is another excerpt from the same site.

In the end, God looked for just one righteous person who would stand in the gap, but there was no one. It is this total disregard for righteous relationships that brings God’s wrath and punishment. The chapter ends (Ezek. 22:31) with God removing his protective hand from the people as they self-destruct. How does God bring judgment? He lets the systems take their natural course without intervening. The downward spiral ends in destruction. A theology of work must lay out the honest and merciful practices God’s people must follow (chapter 18). To disregard this is to court disaster.

Something to think about.

Suicide and Cat Therapy

February 18, 2017


I worked last night and came home to sleep this morning, but I could only sleep until noon. I needed to attend a work related class for emergencies.

As a psych RN, I work with a lot of depressed people, and many are suicidal.

There are all different levels of suicidality. Some people feel safe when pretty much everything a person could use to commit suicide has been removed from the premises. Some people are compelled to go the extra mile and try to find a way anyway. I am not going to elucidate you on the ways still available in a safe and observed and guarded environment, but it is still theoretically possible to slip through the cracks, albeit only briefly.

Today I took a class on what to do when one discovers a person who has hung himself or herself. In our reenactment, it was my job to hold the body while others cut it down. I wasn’t very good at it. I learned how to be good at it. I will leave it at that.

After the class, I could not go home and go back to sleep. Instead I went to the pet store.

In the back of the store is an area maintained by the local humane society with two walls of cages in a small room with a sofa. People can choose and adopt cats. People like me who cannot own a cat can sit down and hold a cat on your lap and pet it for as long as you and the cat find this a happy arrangement. I call it Cat Therapy.

Silly me. I work a navy blue long sleeved t shirt and black pants. I am furry now. A cat named Twinkie or Wrinkles or something like that is not as furry as he once was. And I was able to leave something in that room as well.



Excellent Advice on Time Usage

February 18, 2017

time flies.jpg

I bookmarked an article by Arianna Huffington some time ago. I went back to revisit it recently and found a jewel that I had missed earlier.

Here it is.

What’s your best time-saving shortcut or life hack?

It’s not an everyday time-saver, but it’s something I’ve done a few times, the first when I turned forty. And that’s to do a kind of audit of your long-term to do list. We all have these projects piling up on our on long-term to-do lists, and even when we’re not thinking of them everyday, we know they’re there. And the ever-increasing weight of them has a psychological cost—they don’t live rent-free in our minds and they take up a lot of space, draining our energy and diffusing our attention. It’s like paying for storage for things you’ll never use.

So what I did in my life-audit was to “complete” these projects simply by dropping them, which was very liberating. So if what you need to get rid of them is to give them a “done” checkmark, then check them off! It was very liberating to realize I could “complete” a project by simply dropping it—by eliminating it from my to-do list. That’s how I completed learning German and becoming a good skier and learning to cook and a host of other projects that now no longer have a claim on my attention.


Bowel Obstruction

February 17, 2017


I wanted a book on this.

The one I liked was $746.00.

I am thinking I will pass on this.

No pun intended.

Khan Academy

February 16, 2017


Many times in prereqs or in nursing school, Khan Academy saved my bacon by taking difficult concepts, especially in Anatomy and Physiology, and breaking them down into parts that I could understand.

I am working a bunch of hours this week, and this  fun thing from KA about storytelling came to my mailbox. (HINT: Pixar)  I do not have time to look at it, but I saved it to my Interesting Things file and plan to see it later.

If you are not familiar with KA, use this as an opportunity to look at their amazing stuff?