Trying This Out

Because of the blog pay scare at Xanga, I am trying this out, using my book blog for my personal blog.  Since I had not used it in a long time, it took me a bit of techno stuff to get another password because I forgot that I had changed it despite the large purple post-it note in my little address book which nearly shouted the last change at me. 

So much for post it notes.

I am loving my church home.  It is the same one that I have been at for the last several years, but now I get to do things that are in my area of gifting and I am about as happy as a clam can be there. 

For those who have been paying attention, I am still losing weight at Fat Secret dot com, although I did not document my eating this week and picked up one pound.  Overall, I am losing and I am happy with the rate, except for this week, of course.  I think that the secret is just accountability, even if it is just accountability to yourself.

Much of my free time has been sucked up on line at you tube watching amazing videos from Long Beach Community College.  I have learned so much about planning my time, studying, listening, taking notes, finding out what will be on the test, and memorization that I am almost ready for school to start.  I still have quite a few videos to watch.  The funny thing is that the one which I thought would be the least help was one of the most helpful ones, so I am loathe to skip.  I am going pretty much in order.

Just so you know, this is my book blog, so I reserve the right to sometimes post a new section of my book.  I will label it appropriately so you will know what it is.



One Response to “Trying This Out”

  1. pettybunch Says:

    So glad you are here. I will follow you so I know when you post. I am blessed that you are loving your church now! That is a wonderful answer to prayer. And how great that you found those YouTubes!
    Hope to see you often!

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