The Great Fishing Trip

I am excited to be leaving town Friday morning for a weekend jaunt.  Since it is my last free weekend off before the new semester, I have high hopes for recreation and relaxation.    Evidently, lots of other people do as well because it was extremely difficult to get a hotel room.  The fourth one was the charm, and it has free one speed bikes to use to get around the town or bike trails.  Fun times.  Post fun times, every third weekend (the ones I have off from work) will most likely be filled with studying or guilt about not studying.   The ones in between will be filled with work, studying and trying to keep my head above water.

One of the wonderful things about summer, besides having more time to ride bikes, is time to read and think and pray.  I discovered these videos from a community college in California and have profited from watching them and taking notes on planning and scheduling, listening, note taking, studying, memorization, test preparation and test taking.  I highly recommend them to anyone pursuing a college education.  Thank you Long Beach Community College.

I also submitted a short piece of writing to the first line dot com.  Although I wish I had taken the time to edit it a little more closely, if they are merciful, I might have a chance of being published.


2 Responses to “The Great Fishing Trip”

  1. pettybunch Says:

    So great that you are getting away for a weekend! I hope you have a great, relaxing time! You are definitely a braver soul than I, going back to school at this time of life – not sure I could do it!

  2. thegreatfish Says:

    I feel that same way, like I cannot do it, but I am moving ahead anyway. I told the Lord that if He keeps opening doors that I will keep walking through them. When the doors quit opening, I will give it up. I have just one more class before I apply for nursing school in the spring. That’s a big door. For now, I am just looking at the next class. Those community college videos are really exceptional. I highly recommend them.

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