On my day off, I rode my bike over twenty miles in the morning.  My favorite destination right now is the beach adjacent to and below Lucky Peak Reservoir.  Except for the first five minutes, the entire trip can be done on the Greenbelt, a walking and biking path that runs all through and around Boise and the Treasure Valley area.  I took my camera and stopped for numerous photos along the way.  I also took a can of Diet Pepsi wrapped in a towel to keep it cold, my Bible, my notebook, a favorite pen and a loaf of bread.

When I arrived at Sandy Point, I found a shaded picnic table and sat down to read and write.  A few birds came up to me before I was even ready to feed them, but I relented and passed out little crumbs.  In no time, I was surrounded by sea gulls and later by geese.  I have always kind of hated the geese because they attacked my daughter Abby when she was about three.  It was not these geese, but it was Idaho geese at the zoo.  Abby is twenty two, so I should be over it, but I still held ill feelings in my heart towards the geese.

Some grossly obese adults arrived and sat at a picnic table about 100 feet away.  I don’t know why, but I suspected that they actually wanted my table.  No one asked for it.  It was just a creepy impression, the kind that slinks down your neck when you are not looking and then you look back at them and it is gone.

So I stayed put.

They seem to have brought about five young completely wild and undisciplined teenagers with them.  The main goal of the teenagers, other than not getting along with each other, seemed to be to torment me and to disperse the huge crowd of birds that surrounded my picnic table in the shade.

After each attempt, the crowd of birds thinned out until I was left with only a handful of geese.  Two of them were younger and kind of fuzzy looking,

I will spare you the details of how the hoodlums did it most of their tormenting, but when one of them threw a football to no one, and it bounced off of my picnic table, I decided to like geese again.  Just like that.  All injustices and prejudices and past hatred aside, I decided to befriend geese again, not showing favoritism to other birds, but loving the geese equally as much as it was possible on my part.  They won me over with their steadfastness, their fearlessness and their vulnerability.

I decided that the strange looking and poorly behaved family was probably some sort of foster home situation or a very, very dysfunctional home, if it was a home at all.  Their lack of sensitivity to anyone’s wishes or desires except their own was so painfully evident.  They seemed to be a very wounded mini community.  I can’t fix them, but I will try to avoid them in the future by showing up at the beach about an hour earlier before the swim crowd comes.  Then is it just myself, the people with metal detectors, God and and the birds.

The silence of a good uninterrupted summer morning at the beach deserves the sacrifice of less sleep.


One Response to “Yesterday”

  1. pettybunch Says:

    I’m not sure how I missed that you posted! I loved reading this, and found myself wanting to fuss at those teens! And geese – I’m not overly fond of them, myself, but it was really sweet how your feelings changed.
    I hope you have a quieter time next trip!

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