The Necessary Journey to Less

As a Christian,  my most important goal is to read my Bible and pray everyday.  I have a Bible reading plan to get through the Bible in one year, a paper notebook that serves as a journal noting what I read each day and what seemed important to me from that reading, another notebook in which I keep track of things I am thankful for (goal for this year 1,000 things) and prayer requests.  Being somewhat of an OCD Christian, I also keep a list in the back of my Bible of people whom I want to be faithful to pray for everyday, and I also keep a few noteworthy quotes by Christian authors.  These encourage me when I look at them every so often.  I realize that my Christian life ought to amount to more than a devotional time, but I also believe that unless I abide in the vine, I won’t be bearing any lasting fruit.  It is my presupposition that my best shot at living the Christian life is to actually spend the first part of my day with God somehow.  If I were stranded on a life raft in the ocean, it would look different that it does, but since I live in an old house on the Boise bench and work evenings, I can usually keep to some sort of life schedule.  In fact, because I work full time and go to school, I have to have a schedule. 

What I am about to say to you may shock you.

Please read to the end of the post before deciding that I am a complete wacko.  I keep two quotes that I think are from a Buddhist source.  They remind me of what Jesus said to Martha after she whined about Mary not helping her:  (this is probably my favorite quote of Jesus of all time) “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary.  Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”  Luke 10:41-42  This quote says to me that Jesus prioritizes things in life, and that time with Him is not just first, it is THE ONLY NECESSARY THING.  Thing about it.  What if we could reduce our lives down to what really mattered?  How would we do it?  Where would we start?

With that preface, I will give you my two Buddhist-stuck-in-my-Bible-quotes.  They come from an e book which I believe is called The Power of Less.  “By setting limitations, we must choose the essential.  So in everything you do, learn to set limitations. (Principle 1)  By choosing the essential, we create great impact with minimal resources.  Always choose the essential to maximize your time and energy. (Principle 2)

I am going to start to try to write in this blog 3 to 5 times a week and share with you my efforts at rightsizing my life.  

Don’t despise small beginnings.  

Last week, I got rid of a large over sized basket, a mitt full of writing books that I did not want and half a dozen snack energy bars that were a bad recent purchase.  I found a college student who wanted it all, so I felt better about getting rid of all of it.  I feel like less stuff in the long run will help me to live more purposefully.  

While the first step should be not to buy it in the first place, not all of my stuff came to me by purchase.  Some of the hardest stuff to get rid of was given to me by relatives or friends who have passed away.  In another recent incident, someone called me and offered me a load of her nursing books that she wasn’t going to use.  I said that I wanted them and then let her know that I had just recently found enough room on my book shelves for all of my current books, and with work and school, I don’t have time to reorganize them again at this point.  I did not take her books.  The truth is that I don’t have time to read them anyway.

Speaking of reading, I am reading a book that I thought I did not have time to read by just reading two pages a day.  It isn’t much, a very narrow reading window, but you know what?  It helps me feel like I am doing the essential instead of increasing the stress in my life by reading “Nothing.”  Or more correctly, nothing but my anatomy and physiology textbooks.

My posts won’t be as long as this because they will be just what is essential.  I hope you follow me on my Journey to what is necessary.



One Response to “The Necessary Journey to Less”

  1. lifeistheteacher Says:

    Woohoo! Sounds like a great beginning. Each Journey is composed of single steps. I am working on my 1,000 gifts too : )

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