The Continued Journey to Less

This last weekend, I was kind of bummed because money was tight, and I wanted to go on a retreat.  I kept waiting for money not to be tight, but I could see that I need to go to the eye doctor and get new contacts.  That would have to be put on hold indefinitely because Christmas is coming up, if I spent the money to go on the retreat.  I kept hemming and hawing and finally decided to just stay home, partly because the retreat was only about 30 minutes out of town, not far enough away for me.

After spending the weekend at home, I am glad that I did.  I got some studying done for a big test that’s coming on Wednesday, cleaned my dirty house, reorganized some things, downsized some stuff in the freezer, did some work ahead cooking, make a nice dinner for my husband after he recovered from the stomach flu and had time to spend alone with the Lord, the main goal of a retreat anyway.  

I do love retreats, but I was meant to retreat at home this weekend.  I just really needed it somewhere in my soul.  Less is more.


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