On The Journey To Less: Repurposing Household Stuff

At my non-profit workplace, we recently had a White Elephant Sale for a fund raiser.  When they asked for donations, I was happy to oblige with things from my bin for pick up, things my college graduate was downloading, and things from my husband’s company office.  I have not been there a year yet, so I had never seen how the sale worked.  I can tell you this:  it was fun!

All the items for sale were displayed in the main hallway at work.  Each one had a small plastic cup taped to it.  I bought five tickets for $1 and was instructed to write my name on each ticket and put the tickets in whatever cups I wanted for specific items.  They drew for winners.  I divided my tickets between 2 or 3 items and won 2 items.  Not bad for a $1 investment.  I got a very, very large beautiful framed and matted picture of boats on the ocean which even my husband thought was suitable and a silver cream and sugar set on a tray that had never been used.  Of course, now my guests for coffee and tea will be treated like royalty.  

We downloaded stuff, and we got stuff we could really use in good condition.  

I have a more creative friend who repurposes things using her art skills.  When I stopped by her house today to say a quick, “Hello,” (Remember my last post on friendship growing with short, but frequent interaction?), she showed me several new things that she had done.  I was totally impressed, but lack the time to elaborate on her work here.  That kind of time and creativity investment is not something I can do in this season of my life, but I admire those who pull it off.

She joked with me about cleaning the clothes closet with her husband.  He felt the need to keep several pairs of ‘work’ pants with holes in them.  She thought that one was enough.  I told him that I could not speak too loudly on that subject.  I think I may need to thin my own closet out a great deal.  I have lost 17 pounds since May, but I need to lose about 45 more.  I want to fit into those clothes before I get rid of them.  Darn it!


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