Love Poem Number 916

Thank you for answered prayers and for loving me with that great love of yours,

that love that carries me through the hard times and

just the thought of it brings rain in the dry times,

rain like a mist that waters everything that’s time and season has come,

and sustains everything that was wanting to pack up and move on.

I am looking to you today and wondering why you keep me around

when I have so little to offer you of excellence or worth,

a dust and spirit creature, singing to you from my earth altar,

with no one to hear the notes or set the rhythm, 

but my pokey musicless mind.

Songs that ramble rather than run and bounce off of the walls

of my room and my mind.

Echoes of a simple silly love song

to someone who has countless billions of them already stuffed into drawers.

A single trail of incense smoke winds into the sky.

Just my worship.

Who knew you longed for it so much?

Not me.


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