The Best Thing About Running A Marathon

The best thing about running a marathon in 2008 was that it taught me to keep going when I am tired and want to quit because if you keep going, you will eventually get to the end of whatever it is.  I am really tired today with work and studying for exams and I am sick.  I have been sick for a week, but I have not missed any work or school.  I just keep loping along, hoping for a breakthrough of some kind.  On a very long road to an education, a breakthrough can just mean that you feel better or you get a good grade on that exam or something nice happens.  The night nurse gave me two cough drops which made me feel really cared for.  When I got home, Abby cooked asparagus for me.  I am skipping church tomorrow, and going out to breakfast with my husband and then hitting the library’s used book sale before work.  I don’t really want or need any books, but I just want to have the freedom to go and look around and relax.  It is Sunday and therefore, I am not studying.  I will have a thirty minute lunch break to totally waste as I see fit.  I have opened a small window into my soul for you to see that it is the little things that keep people on the right path on the long run of life.  I am thankful for caring family and friends.


One Response to “The Best Thing About Running A Marathon”

  1. lifeistheteacher Says:

    That sounds like you have found the secret to grateful sanity : )

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