Today I Was A Lousy Student

I have been fighting the headache turned fever turned head cold turned chest cough thing for about ten days.  Have I mentioned that I am tired too?  Probably.  All weekend I looked forward to Monday because Monday was MY DAY OFF this week.  I woke up, fixed my breakfast on a tray with tea and headed to my basement to read and pray.  When I emerged a while later, I still had not showered.  I was thinking what I could do first on my day off.  I had several things that needed doing.  

KUH-ZING it hit me like a thunderbolt.  It may be my day off, but it is 9 a.m. and I am still in my pjs.  I have to leave at 9:20 for a 10:00 class.  I had totally forgotten about it in my delight at having a day off of work.

I theorize that this happens because of my rotating three week schedule.  The names of days does not really mean anything anymore.  It is just the days off that count.

So, I ran off to school leaving my dog unfed etc. and after school, I stopped and did the grocery shopping and picked up a sandwich at Subway.  After unloading the groceries, I realized that I needed to use a whole box of sliced mushrooms and some hamburger or toss them out, so I made beef stroganoff and watched a stupid Sci Fi movie on the internet.

Aside from almost missing  one of the last classes before the big Lecture Exam in one week, I did not study even one minute for the Giant Lab Exam which will happen in two days at 8 in the morning.

Let me tell you my side of the story:  I was tired in my head.  Extremely tired.  I sad down and read a book that I bought at the library book sale which was written by a dear Catholic lady about hospitality.  

I do not deserve to pass this class let alone get an A in it.  Please God, let me get an A anyway.  


Your Beloved Lousy Student. 



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