I am studying for a horrific final in A & P 228, missing my dog and knowing my mom who is dying expects me to get an A.  Are there violins playing somewhere, or am I just imagining it?  Somehow life will all work out.  If I get a ‘B’, I will not die.  Aimee told me that I need to learn something new:  c’s get degrees.  Catchy little ditty.  I need to say it more often.


One Response to “Struggle”

  1. pettybunch Says:

    I know I haven’t been commenting lately, but I read your posts, and pray for you! I’m sorry about your dog – I know how hard that is!! And I’m even sadder about your mom, and all the facets of that situation!
    I hope your A&P final goes well – my daughter said that class is a booger!!

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