Are you having a bad life or just a terrible day?

I recommend getting some perspective from good friends.  If that is not possible, listen to this for awhile.

My other thought is to read this blog which helps me with perspective.  If you don’t want to go to that blog, I can pretty much summarize it for you in a few sentences. *

God is sovereignly in control.

God is good.

Turn your attention to anything, absolutely anything you can think of which causes you to be thankful and be thankful.  Write it down.  List it.  Be anal about listing it.  Eventually your perspective will turn around as well, and you will find help where you least expected it.

*Her blog has great photography.  That is the advantage of going there.  You can turn off the audio if you don’t like her music.

I got some sleep, and some perspective and prayers from friends.

It is probably best that I do not have a dog in this season of my life.  My sister got a new little puppy for Christmas.  He promptly jumped off the sofa and broke his leg.  He has already had surgery and two casts and innumerable bills.  My sister can never sleep in.  Yada, yada, yada.

I think that today I might finally get to watch the Mary Tyler Moore show on DVD that I got for Christmas Last Year!

I also really need to clean my house and run errands, but I have a day off to spend as I please.  Part of me just really wants to be a homebody today and not go to either of two parties that I am invited to attend.

My sister also told me that our mom packed her bags and told the social worker that she is leaving the hospice facility and going home.  This is not possible unless she consents to 24 hour care which is even more expensive.  My sister is going to have to have a get down to business phone call with my mom and be honest about alternatives.

I am glad that I am not the person in charge.  I am glad that I have a day off from work.  I am glad that school has not started.  I am probably glad that I do not have the dog that I wanted so much just 48 hours ago.  Sometimes life is hard, but it is also a matter of perspective.  Life is meant to be lived in community, not isolation, but we have to seek it out.  I will probably go to two parties tonight, not because I want to, but because of community.  I need it in my disconnected life.  I really need it.


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