New Policy

Because of where I work, I never ever discuss my work on line because of HIPAA rules.

I am putting a new rule in place for my blog, CIPAA rules.  I will no longer discuss anything from church on my blog.

Church is a complex place in which there are lots of ideas and personalities and doctrines and management styles.  Any negative comments that I have in this blog could really hurt other sincere, God-loving, well-meaning people who probably want to provide something resembling a really and truly wonderful church home, so I will be attempting to move forward from here not including any commentary about church as part of my life because I don’t want to hurt people, not because I fear repercussions.

The good news is that I don’t think I posted it here, but somehow I got an A in Anatomy and Physiology.

My mom does not seem to be dying, but has stabilized at a lower level and is living in a beautiful hospice building.

We had the most fun Christmas Eve ever at our house even though my house was not clean, my dinner was not very good, and I only got the presents wrapped a very short time before everyone arrived.

I am using an online free tool called to lose weight, not that I have lost any weight yet, but yesterday was the first day that I really got rolling with it.  I posted everything I ate except one little tiny chocolate chip cookie dough piece that I put in my mouth really late, right before bed.  I am a believer that if I have to write it all down, I will be more accountable, even if just to myself, about my outrageous eating habits.   I have to admit that it took me a few weeks to actually post a whole day.  Wrapping my mind around the discipline is the most difficult part.

I have today and tomorrow off.  I have lots to do, but I love having days off.


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