Book Woot

Book Woot

Okay, so I lied a little bit. It is not a book woot,; it is a textbook woot. School starts on Tuesday, the day after Martin Luther King Day. I ordered my used, but correct edition textbook, some time ago, like when finals were over. The email notice said that it would come in February. I was not happy about that. I went to the post office last night to check our box, and it arrived! Yay for not having to drive to school to use a textbook in the library to take an on line course.

I am trying to get into another class which is not required, but which would be quite useful for nursing, Medical Technology. The on line classes that I am wait listed for are really wait listed, like I am #15 out of #19 on one class. Here’s an idea: why not find another teacher? My school is slow about this. My friend, AKP, once knew she was teaching a class at my school within 24 hours or less of starting. I have written to the prof who makes such decisions with my key and worthwhile input. If I can somehow get in, I hope to find a used book at the bookstore just down the hill from my house. I know, premium price for the unprepared. Or I could do the internet purchase again and drive to school to use the book for the 2nd on line class.

I hope not.


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