Unplanned Time

Unplanned Time

As it turns out, the Medical Terminology class that I wanted was going to be closed to me on line until summer, so I signed up for it live and in person. It will mean that I need to drive to the far way Canyon County campus one morning a week, but it will work out. It ends at 9:50, and then I can drive to my small group which meets at 10, but I will show up about 10:20 and then have lunch with my friend, Jessie at Subway or someplace cheap before heading to work for the evening shift. That day will be a killer day each week, but oh well. It will also be a mix of school, church, work, fun and busyness. Getting an education never really gets easier, to paraphrase Clive Lewis. I started my online Ethics class last night by printing out all of the papers for my notebook and reading schedules etc. I am going to be busy again, but there will not be any dead rats to cut open. The Ethics class looks so interesting that I almost wish that I were actually taking it in person. Almost. If I get into nursing school and graduate, and if I want to get a BSN, the easiest way to get it is by completing the classes on line. That is a lot of ifs, but my point is just that this will be my taste of online school. I can find out if that is something that I would really want to do or if it is a Not Ever Kind of Thing. I hope to keep my blog updated a little more frequently than in the past, but I will have to be brief because of my crazy busy life. I love that you take the time to read my writing. I am honored.


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