When Rats Order Pizza, They Get Extra Cheese


I am so glad that this semester lacks a science lab. I will not be cutting up any dead animals and examining their insides for a grade. Today I started reading the Ethics book and was delighted to find that they use logic in Ethics which seems to be a part of philosophy which, of course, I know nothing about. I wonder if my hatred of dissecting things comes from the fact that live animals and even stuffed animals have been such a comfort to me. When I was a little girl and my dad was on one of his drunk rampages, I would be in my trundle bed in the room I shared with my sister, and have about 25 or 30 stuffed animals on my bed. When I left home, I only brought my one favorite teddy bear which I still have in a secure place. I am now the proud owner of two sock monkeys, one used from a garage sale that needs mending and is kept in the car, and the other one sits on my fireplace and I see it everyday. I am not sure why I am telling you about my stuffed animals or the fact that I have a closet of 100 or more that my kids left behind. I could not bear to part with them. I don’t know why, but it would really make me cry to do that. Lately I have had a lot of stress that I can’t talk about, and the funny thing is that I have not shed a single tear. I feel no emotion about it really at all which makes me think something is wrong with me. If you couldn’t feel your legs, you would worry. If you can’t feel your own feelings, I wonder what is going on. No easy answers here, but I have a teddy bear and two sock monkeys.


2 Responses to “When Rats Order Pizza, They Get Extra Cheese”

  1. SprinklerBandit Says:

    Sometimes you have to lock away the emotions until you have the time and energy to deal with them. And sometimes you’re so tired of feeling them that you just don’t notice anymore.

    Hang in there.

  2. thegreatfish Says:

    thank you.

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