Bedtime Reading

Bedtime Reading

I am in a very strange season in my life in which I have been accused by several (at last count, four) different people who do not even know each other of different things. In each of the cases, all current, I am not allowed to reconcile or even speak to the people. They have cut me off. These are four different offenses, different venues etc. They do not even know each other. All of it has happened within four weeks. I feel like what God is trying to teach me is 1. Ultimately, I am not in control, and I might as well get used to it, and 2. See number 1.

In the meantime, I have been reading a book at bedtime to take my mind off of school, work, my dog dying, and all the people who are not speaking to me. This little tome is all about how people died in the Grand Canyon. I finished the first part about falling off the top. I am loving this book. It all goes to show: there’s no accounting for taste.


One Response to “Bedtime Reading”

  1. SprinklerBandit Says:

    Sometimes you just need to read that sort of thing.

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