Life Theme

Life Theme

Yesterday I had lunch with Aimee at Guido’s, my favorite pizza place in Boise, Idaho, at the downtown location. They have it all: great pizza, ambiance, fast and friendly employees, low price and downtown location. Of course, it is not Papa John’s in Dubai, where my brother in law likes to eat, but other than that it is the best in my pretty small world.

One of our discussion topics was my funny life with all of the things that are going wrong in relationships which I cannot fix at the moment. Aimee’s great advice was that when something like that happens over and over God is trying to tell you something or rather to develop your character in one way or another.

Apparently the thing I would discern that I am supposed to learn is to be comfortable when things do not appear to be going well, and they are also out of my control. It is not as bad as it sounds, it is just different. As an adult child of an alcoholic, I have always been a fixer. God is not looking for a fixer right now, but someone who can be okay with letting God be in control of the situation.

In this morning’s Bible reading, I found an interesting verse. Psalm 7:10 says that God saves/protects the upright in heart. It gave me great comfort to know that even though I am never going to be perfect before God in all of my ways/doings/stuff, that what He is looking for is a heart that with a right adjustment toward Him, i.e. a trusting and willing to repent heart. This I can do.

Another of our discussion topics was the definition of theme in literature because I am studying for the TEAS test, and I missed any question having to do with that. Studying for a test is a good way to get people to hate literature as a discipline. Aimee explained theme to me and how theme is a message and is therefore different than plot, what happened.

Okay, so I am picking a theme for the new year, 2014. I have a collection of little magazine photos of two empty chairs in various locations. I picked one to go in the back page of my Bible opposite the list of names of people I pray for everyday. It is two empty chairs in a garden.

The two empty chairs mean to me that one is for me and one is for the Lord. The funny thing is that when I went grocery shopping yesterday, there was a big bin of posters for $2.99 that I just happened to pass. The photo on top was two empty white plastic chairs at the ocean. Of course, I bought it. Who would not buy a photo poster at the grocery store for three bucks? It is nicer than the photo illustrating this blog post, but I wanted you to get the big idea. My theme this year: two empty chairs symbolizing the God Who Is There with me in the whatever of daily life. I don’t know if I will get to see the Oregon Coast or Portland this year, but one can always hope. I won’t be spending any more vacation time in frigid Wisconsin. Enough said.


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