A Great Day

A Great Day

All three of us were exhausted and slept in today. I was still in my bathrobe at noon-thirty, making banana bread. I made four large loaves of banana bread. I showered while it baked.

I found reasons not to do homework today. Mostly, nothing was due immediately on Monday and I was caught up for this week.

I decided to use up the oatmeal that was sitting in the glass jar on my counter. It had been there for like a year because I quit eating oatmeal for breakfast and started buying Blues Bread. The best use for it seemed to be monster cookies. However, after making the banana bread from old ripe frozen bananas, I realized that I did not have all the ingredients for monster cookies, including nine cups of oatmeal.

I took a break to drop off something at the office for Ryan and stopped at my favorite second hand store to look for a frame for that Winco poster I bought yesterday.  They didn’t have anything suitable, but I found a great old watercolor matted and framed of a street view of churches in Mexico for about $6.   Plus I got to talk to Sara R. in the checkout line.

I took the poster back to Winco because I realized that although I liked the subject matter, it was poorly done, out of focus, grainy  and too big to find a frame easily.

In the checkout line at Winco, I realized I had selected two pounds of expensive gluten free oatmeal instead of cheapo oatmeal. Once I got home, I decided to just use it instead of the old oatmeal so that if anyone who had to have gluten free stuff wanted to, they could eat the cookies too. I am stupidly nice like that sometimes, but not often enough to be known for it. I do not want to head in that direction at this late point in my life.

I ended up with eleven dozen monster cookies in little clear plastic containers which each held one dozen cookies. It was an OCD baking dream. With my new birthday air bake cookie sheets, not one of them burned. I have loads of those little disposable containers in the basement that I salvaged from a building project renovation of an old restaurant.

I did not get the lasagna done in time for supper and picked up pizza at Papa Murphy’s. My husband was so tired from working way too hard this last week that he kept taking naps. Amazingly, we were all home for supper. And awake. This almost never happens.  I fell asleep on the sofa for a while too after supper.  Gosh, we are an exciting bunch.

My friend, Teresa R., came by unexpectedly while I was baking and brought me a Beth Moore book in a gift bag.  That was a really wonderful surprise.  Then, just a few moments ago,  I remember that Lorraine F. had sent me a card earlier this week, but I did not have time to open it.  It took a minute to locate it, but I found it in my office in the basement, unopened, and it had a $10 gift card in it to Subway, my favorite sandwich place.

At any rate, tomorrow night we can have lasagna, and Aimee is coming over to watch a movie with Abby and I get to horn in.  My freezer is packed with banana bread and cookies.  I never get to do this kind of thing anymore because of work and school.  I love feeling domestic.  I even watered my drooping flowers.

I still have that old oatmeal, but it was a great day.


2 Responses to “A Great Day”

  1. lifeistheteacher Says:

    So glad you had a good day! It’s funny that Sara works at a thrift store now, because my sister does too.

  2. thegreatfish Says:

    And they are both artistic, young and beautiful!

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