Tea Frenzy

Tea Frenzy

I love tea. Each morning, even when I am fasting, I find a way to have two rather large cups of Earl Grey. I carefully preheat the cups so that the water is the best temperature for brewing and wait for it to steep to get the full flavor. The morning ritual is incomplete without half and half and sugar. My favorite local brand of tea is Bigelow in little foil wrappers and convenient rectangular boxes, but the very best tea is from Harney and Sons. I discovered them once in an isolated hamlet on a freezing winter day at a coffee shop in a town where nothing else was open. It was destiny that we were to meet. There are a few Harney teas available at Barnes and Noble, but to really get a nice selection, I have to order from their catalog at https://www.harney.com/. Since I am a valued customer, I have a paper copy of their catalog that makes me want everything that they have, of course. I have pretty much always confined myself to using tea bags, but I am very tempted to buy one of these pots with an infuser which would open up a whole new world for me in tea because a lot of really great tea DOES NOT COME IN TEA BAGS. If I make this purchase, it will be one of those things that would probably go to the home with me and be left to someone in my will after that. More than that, I might become more cosmopolitan and sophisticated in my tea drinking, trying tea from the United Kingdom or around the world. I will probably justify this purchase in the end by saying simply that it will do two things for me. A pot like this will open worlds to me without paying for travel like watching Rick Steeves’ Europe on public television, so it will actually save money. (Except for the fact that I do plan to go to the United Kingdom one day on an extended visit.) I don’t know what else it will do for me: let’s just say that it will make me more open minded about having to actually share my tea. It’s a pretty big pot. Now for the color. Hmmm.


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