Dangerous Trending Thought

Dangerous Trending Thought

For no reason in particular that matters, I was Googling the sentence Do Whatever He Tells You for a photo. Okay, so I was searching for a killer photo for this little daily blog. Most of the photos had something to do with the Catholic Church.

Mystified, I kept clicking through the photos. One of them urged us to consider priesthood. I don’t think I am a candidate for anything like that. I used to think that I wanted to be a Catholic but I don’t think that is ever going to happen.

My pastor does not realistically think that Jesus shows up on grilled cheese sandwiches and things like that, but he is not anti-Catholic at all. Like me, whenever he visits their buildings, he feels their great respect for the awesomeness of God. However, if you are a protestant, you have to admit that some of their doctrines are kind of, well, out there.

Of course, from their side of the church aisle, they could say an awful lot of true and awful things about us. They are not doing that because they are bigger than that, and because they have abuse issues of their own right now.

So what follows will upset those of you who want a definitive negative post about Catholics. It won’t come from me. I appreciate them, and I just wanted to say that while their emphasis on Mary is not something that I want in my home church, I like that they have come up with a lot of great art with the Bible verse, “Do whatever He tells you.”

I like that they do that because when they say it, they do say it from a context of church and compassion for the poor and dying and caring for the less fortunate. The prosperity gospel went over their heads, thankfully.

Anyway, I don’t know if you believe that God might someday tell you something that you should actually do, like in a specific way, but I know that many Christians do not believe that God speaks to people and many Christians do believe that God speaks to people.

I want to explore that in a series of little posts.


2 Responses to “Dangerous Trending Thought”

  1. lifeistheteacher Says:

    My husband used to be catholic. He even considered joining the priesthood. Then we met, and I’m glad he’s not a priest.

  2. thegreatfish Says:

    We think you are quite wonderful in Idaho. Your fan club thinks that both of you got a great catch. Concerning vocational ministry, I am persuaded that either path can bring great glory to God.

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