Do Whatever He Tells You #2

Do Whatever He Tells You #2

Returning to the topic of hearing from God, I am reminded of a couple of sermons by Frank Damazio of City Bible Church in Portland about Hannah dropping off Samuel at the Temple. At the time, the temple was under Eli’s leadership, and his sons were utterly corrupt. I will not go into detail about their sexual sins or about how they were stealing the offerings for their own purposes. The truth is that Eli did not restrain them, and he could have. At his death, Eli was horribly fat and fell off of a wall and died. If he were not benefiting literally from the fat of the offerings that was being stolen on a daily basis from God’s people, how did he get so fat? But I digress. The atmosphere in what was supposed to be the premiere house of worship for the whole earth was utterly corrupt. Hannah dropped off her son there to be raised by them, and he became one of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament, anointing both Saul and David as kings. How did he turn out so well? I mean, she wanted the best for her son. Home education seems to be the answer, right? Or send him to the desert to hang out with other prophetic people like John the Baptists parents did. Separation seems to be merited when godly social systems are utterly corrupt. Damazio asserts that the thing that kept Samuel whole-hearted for God was that from an early age he learned to wait on God and listen to Him with an attitude of doing and saying whatever God told him, no matter what the personal price for that happened to be.

Damazio does not mention that his mother probably prayed diligently for him night and day, and I would guess that factored into his remarkable life.

We live in a corrupt society. No part of the church is untouched by heresy, political pandering, sexual license or abuse. Is the answer to attack and re-attack everything and everyone in the church who is corrupt? Is it to start yet another branch of the church and lead it into the same end?

I think that the answer for each of us in a corrupt Christian network is to take another look at Samuel. He didn’t leave the network. He operated within it. Eventually his life brought great change.

It all started with a life dedicated to the principle of, “Do whatever He tells you.” Or more specifically, “Speak Lord for your servant is listening.” Have we become so obsessed with being pure and being correct that we have forgotten to simply listen?


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