Do Whatever He Tells You #3

Do Whatever He Tells You #3

In this mini-series of posts on listening to God, I would just like to give you something to think about today. Christians believe that God hears their prayers. In fact, the amount of time a person puts into prayer is generally directly related to how much they believe that God hears and responds to their own personal prayers. A Christian who rarely prays tends to believe that God runs the universe without him or her quite nicely thank you very much. I am not a theologian, but I want to ask you a question. If you believe that God is real, alive and responsive to your prayers, is it wildly fanatical to believe that God would speak to you in a way that you could understand? especially in light of how powerful and knowledgeable that He is? Or is it too fantastic to believe that the heart of God would long to have interaction with you since we were made in His image, and we were not made to live in isolation, but in community? For me, the issue was settled a long time ago. The only question is how to differentiate between God’s voice and all of the other voices.


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