I just entered a writing contest at my college. I did not even know that there was a contest until today when I walked by a restroom and saw the announcement on the door, and the deadline is tomorrow! It is an odd little college contest which is open only to students at my school and only papers which have been submitted as assignments at my school are eligible. That kind of limits the scope and the poor advertising with a deadline on the day before Spring Break kind of guarantees that hardly anyone will enter. I have my fingers crossed that I might win something. The downside is that we have to submit the papers to man I do not like and have never met. He is in charge of the Phi Theta Cappa organization and I have been invited to join several times, but there was a fee of almost $100 to do it and they did not give me even two weeks notice.

I wrote a letter to the President of the school and complained about how poorly organized that an organization like that is to not give working students more time to come up with the money. I hope he does not remember my name. It was a particularly well-written letter of complaint and brought about an immediate response from the admin asst of the President. She was much more organized than the stupid little honors group with their academic sponsor. Oh well.


It does not say that there are any prizes, but at this point, I would settle for an award. I am so shallow that I make puddles look deep.

It should be of no surprise to me that the same guy who did not give enough notice to the PTC applicants would not be organized enough to give time to enter a writing contest.

Advantage: Me!


2 Responses to “CONTEST!”

  1. Lyssa Says:

    You crack me up, and you’re super awesome. I hope you win!

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