Playing Hookey On My Day Off Or What Did I Find At Trader Joe’s Boise

Post Traumatic Schedule Disorder was my self diagnosis.  Today is my only day off for eight days in a row.  I had an eight o’clock class, was supposed to go to my prayer group, a scheduled lunch with a friend, and then someone, without asking me, put me on a list for a four hour training session at work this afternoon.  Here is my synopsis:  I went to class.  So few people showed up that the adjunct gave us points just for showing up.  Score.

I came home and goofed off for a little bit and drank tea and ate a Little Debbie and read my Bible and rediscovered that God actually loves people like me as much as anybody else which is quite a lot.  I had planned to take a walk and ended up on my bike with old bread, a cloth grocery bag and my purse.  I rode to the park and fed ducks and sea gulls, but avoided the geese.  Sometimes I like geese tolerably well, and sometimes I despise them.  Today the crowd of mixed birds started to scatter.  I saw a woman with one of those ball throwing devices and a large loose dog.  The birds were terrified.  I yelled to her politely that this was not a good place for dogs because we have hundreds of birds.  She went across the street.

I returned to feeding the less traumatized birds minus the geese for the most part.  Once in a while, I would throw them a tidbit.  Then I saw something horrible.  One of the nastier geese pushed over a sea gull and literally stood on it.  Before I could turn into Super Seagull Rescue Woman, the seagull escaped.

Sometimes I multitask.  I am not good at it.  That explains a lot of cooking errors.  But I digress.  While I was feeding the mixed multitude, I was also writing my novel in my head.  I thought of a tremendously funny scene in which Megan is standing in court, having been arrested for causing a disturbance while feeding the geese.  The Fish was in her large purse, and was telling her what to say.  When the judge allowed her to speak, she said, “To Hell with you, Jesus hates you.”  However, what the Fish actually said was, “To Hell with geese, Jesus hates you.”  He let his personal bias seep out.  Of course, I thought this was stunningly funny in a weird kind of way and started laughing loudly in the midst of the gulls.  I got curious looks from the woman with the ball throwing stick.

I ran out of bread and rode to Trader Joe’s in downtown Boise.  I purchased four items after searching each aisle carefully.

1.  Trader Joe’s Bite Size Everything Crackers

2.  Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Shampoo

3.  Trader Ming’s Chicken Shu Mai

4.   Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels

The last item was only because some old lady (She was obviously older than me.  I remind myself of Grandma Laura calling the other women at the nursing home in Burnsville, Minnesota, “old bats.”) asked the stocker what the best chocolate was.  He said that this was the best of everything in the entire store.  They must be good because the check out girl nearly drooled on the package and seemed to regret that I was taking them out of the store and not her.

I loaded up my bike and went to the Boise Art Museum because it is First Thursday which is free.  I enjoyed touring around what they had to see except for the vampire exhibit with the spookly eyes, so I did not really look at that.  I ran out of those rooms.  Ick.

I really enjoyed the work of Mare Blocker from McCall whose work was entitled, Archive Threshold.  It combined two media, a journal and photography.  They also had a great life sized manikin exhibit with a group of teenagers in white wool parkas all carrying cell phones.  It was called Sheep Something.  I cannot remember what, but I thought it was truly typical of this generation:  sheep like followers who are addicted to their phones.

The great privilege at BAM was that I encountered a group of special education children, some of whom had obvious birth defects.  It felt like the breath of God when I walked past them with their loving teachers and happiness and joy.  Carpe Diem.  God was there.

I am home, and a large essay test which requires great thought awaits.  I also have a large assignment from my other class.  Looks like I cannot postpone the inevitable any longer.  Good bye dear Day Off.  You were wonderful.


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