Tribute to Australian Swimmer Devoured By A Shark

Tribute to Australian Swimmer Devoured By A Shark

This is very sad.  A woman was killed in a shark attack.  She was someone who volunteered her time to help other swimmers and life guards as well and was married for 44 years.  Shark attacks are not common in Australia, but this one just happened to occur at a place where hundreds of people swim and which hosts an annual swimming event as well.  

On our trip to the coast, my husband and I were talking a bit about death.  I told him that I have thought about the how of dying and do not want to die in a fire, by drowning, or from a big unintended jump (sucked out of a broken window in an airliner or in a punctured hot air balloon or in a failed parachute).  (I think I am safe from being sucked out of a airliner window for the present because I am too fat to fit.)  

When I die, I want to go instantly.  He said he wants to go in his sleep.  I asked him not to do it at home then because I could not stand to wake up next to a cold, dead body.  Doesn’t that sound like a horror movie?  Of course, it sounds a bit callous to say, “Hey, would you mind dropping your corpse somewhere else? This is creepy and inconvenient.  Thank you.”


I have noticed that most people do not get to choose how they die, unless you count junk food consumption, smoking, drug abuse or drinking and driving. That would be a number of bad choices all leading to the same conclusion.


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