School News

I applied for the nursing program with my school.  Yesterday I received an email telling me that they received by application.  They will let me know if I get in or not or wait-listed on April 18th.  If I get in, a giant door has just opened for me and behind it is a huge amount of hard work that will at least equal an academic marathon.  If I don’t get in, I am going to take the one hour class that is between me and a degree and just plain old graduate.  I will probably ride my bike to Goodie’s on 13th Street and buy myself some caramel corn.  I am not a drinker, so I may go there either way.  I am off of work that day, so I might stay there until I am really snockered on caramel corn and have read the whole darn Boise Weekly.

My Ethics class has been really interesting.  I feel like I am learning things that I have always wondered about in history.  Our home school covered a lot of the history of the western world from creation to the Reformation, skipped to American history and ouila!  They graduated.  All of them except Abby, and we read a large normal school tome about the complete sweep of the history of the western world to try to fill gaps.  The Ethics/philosophy class is interesting because it covers how people were thinking at different times.  For instance, many people, even Christians, don’t even realize it, but they pretty much worship happiness.  I am reading an interesting book about it and have committed to write a review of  Pascal Bruckner’s book, Perpetual Euphoria.  He is not a Christian to my knowledge, just a philosopher, but he has a lot of interesting insights.


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