Today’s Day Off and Wonder Woman

Today was the last possible four hour mandatory session at work on virtue ethics.  I got to work on time, but could not find the building where the meeting was.  I ran.  I ran.  I ran.  Eventually I arrived late, breathless, and sweaty.  The funny thing is that I was late because I took a shower and tried to get my hair really dry and lost track of time…What I discovered about my co-workers was better than what I learned about virtue ethics:  they are incredibly compassionate and hysterically funny.  I hope to work at my current place for a really long time.  Most people do.

Once again, I am trying to give up Diet Pepsi.  My goal is one year without Diet Pepsi.  In the last five days or so, I have had only 2 or 3 of them.  I switched to iced tea with artificial sweetener.  I plan to eventually switch over to water, but in phases.  However, today although I had hot tea at breakfast, I did not bring anything for the four hour meeting.  I assumed.  They had coffee and bottled water.  I drank two entire bottles of water, which is more water than I have had for about six months unless you are including melted ice. It sounds great that I drank all that water, but I went grocery shopping after the meeting, and came home with a killer headache.  One does not give up addictions easily.

April and May have always been the busiest months of the year for me.  When my kids were younger it was birthdays, baseball and gymnastics, then graduations and weddings etc.  We are past two of the three birthdays that happen in eleven days in our family.  Whew.  Plus I got a 95 on my Ethics multiple choice/extremely long essay test and a 96 on my Medical Terminology test.  I have two days off.  It is now 5:04 p.m. on my first day off.  I had to take ibuprofen and and nap to recover from the head ache.  I think Abby and I are going to a movie tonight.  Tomorrow, I will have to do some homework.  I may go to a coffee shop to do it because my house is a complete mess.  The back living room is being remodeled, I am behind on laundry and cleaning, and I am tired or looking at it, but I lack the energy to fix it all.  The truth is that I know that if I fix it, that it will be a mess very soon after that, so I am LETTING IT GO UNTIL IT REACHES A ZENITH WHICH WILL REQUIRE WONDER WOMAN TO FIX.

Oh well.  There are worse things that a messy house.  The elder bugs are in season.  We now have a messy house with bugs.

The end.


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4 Responses to “Today’s Day Off and Wonder Woman”

  1. lifeistheteacher Says:

    That is one of the best things that I am learning to say: “There are worse things than a messy house”. Amen.

    • thegreatfish Says:

      Yes, a messy house with bugs! One time I gave a very large party and Ryan was supposed to clean the toilet first. After the party, I discovered that toilet was literally black. He never got around to cleaning it. When I told your mom about it, she was glad. I love your mom.

  2. thegreatfish Says:


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