A Parent’s Worst Fear

Our daughter did not show up tonight for her dad’s birthday party.  We both work evenings.  I texted her that I had a cake.  We celebrated her birthday party at 10 p.m. just ten days ago because we both work evenings and Dad works days.  When I got home from work, Dad was asleep.  Abby was not home.  Curious, I thought and worked on my homework on the discussion board.  Suddenly, I thought it was kind of late.  Abby still was not home.  It was 11 or so.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  She was not with her sister or her brother.  I texted her Aunt Laura.  Laura tried to help me call Abby’s work, an all night call center, but we could not get through to a human being.  Laura suggested calling the police non emergency number.  I woke up her dad who drove to her work.  Her car was not there.  The security man said she clocked out at 9:01 p.m.  Then , we were legitimately worried.  She would not miss her dad’s birthday party, and she had left work. The police sent out an officer who asked every question under the sun.  I had asked a few friends to pray.  He headed out to his car to send out the APB or whatever they call it for every police officer in our area and also, it would go national on a search network.  He said if we heard from her while he was going to send this out to come out and tell him right away.  I was so upset, but my emotions felt frozen.  Her dad cried.  Aunt Laura drove over here at midnight just to be with us.  Then my phone signaled a text.  It was Abby. She had gone to a movie with a friend and turned off her phone to silent.  She said that she had told her dad that she would celebrate with him this weekend.  Unfortunately, he did not remember that.  I assumed that she was coming home.

We are so thankful that she is okay.  It is 1:24 am and I am going to bed.  God is good.  The police officer was very calm and nice.  Parenting is the hardest job in the entire world.  Even when they are grown up and are wonderful adults, you still worry about them.  Children make you more vulnerable than you ever thought it was possible to be.


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