The Three Day Weekend

First day:  Good Friday – I cried. A lot. (See last post.)  I went to a Good Friday service and was late and there were so many people that there really was not room for me.  I walked out and went back to my car and drove home. I felt so shot, well, beyond shot.  Tired, weary and depressed.  It was one of those nights when I could not get to sleep, no matter how exhausted I was.  Then, I remembered what I said I would do when I could not sleep.  I got up and had communion at 2 a.m.  It is a big reminder to me that no matter what else is going on that I still have the Lord.  Then I went right to sleep.

Second day:  On Saturday, I wore sweats and no make up to the nearest coffee place and got a large iced tea.  I took over the leather sofa in the back and stayed until I finished reading this week’s chapter for Ethics on Feminist Ethics. Feminists like to think that everyone is a feminist even if they just believe in equal pay for equal work for women.  Yada, yada, yada.  I also finished reading the book for which I am supposed to write a paper.  I have one week to write the paper.  I cannot say that reading the book actually means I understand it.  I have been reading on line reviews that other people have written to see what the man actually said.  After finishing my reading, I rode my bike to the Post Office and picked up our mail.   I found out that I got into the only nursing school I applied to.  I called a few people to break the news and went to the park to feed the ducks. I came home and made supper and watched HGTV with my husband.  Eventually I celebrated getting into nursing school by going to a movie at the cheap theater.  It was called Three Days To Kill with Kevin Costner.  I did not recognize anyone else in the movie as being famous.  Most of the people in the movie were shot and killed or killed in other ways.  Yes, it was kind of an odd way to celebrate the door opening to a healing profession.  Oh well.

Third day:  Tomorrow will be my third Sunday at a little church.  I cannot say that I  will be very involved there, because if I am managing our home, working and going to nursing school, I will have time to attend a Sunday service, write a tithe check and sing along.  That’s about it.

My house is a disaster from remodeling and neglect on my part due to work and homework and not caring.  I consider it a positive thing that nothing is growing in the shower at the moment.  I am not kidding about that.  So, tomorrow I will be ignoring it all again and going running early.  I have started running again.  I did not think that I would be able to do it, but I am just running intervals.  I want to lose about 60 pounds and run another marathon.  Not immediately, of course, but eventually.  After running, I will need to clean house, peel potatoes, go to church and take a nap.  Eventually I will make supper and our entire family is supposed to come.  Everyone who lives in town, anyway.  That is kind of miraculous.  I hope I do not screw it all up.  If so, I just kind of don’t care.  I can only do just so much anymore.  I am not really a very good feminist, but I am a realist.  There are only 24 hours in a day, no matter how hard working and organized a woman is.

This writing lacks cohesiveness and substance.  I am going to sleep dear fellow bloggers.


2 Responses to “The Three Day Weekend”

  1. lifeistheteacher Says:

    Your writing makes up with honesty what it lacks in cohesiveness. I find myself saying “yes, yes, me too” with much of what you say.

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