Feeling A Little Overwhelmed

Easter Sunday’s family get together went amazingly well, but I woke up today exhausted.  It seems like when I get my three day weekend once every three weeks that I pack it so full of activities and responsibilities that I am more tired when it is over than when it began.  I had to skip running today and just take a reasonable walk.  I plan to run tomorrow.

I received the acceptance letter to nursing school, but with it was a rather large list of things which I need to get done.  I have done exactly zero so far because I have  an important ethics paper due by midnight Sunday of this week.  I have not written even one word on paper.  Nada.  Zilch.  Nothing.  Not even my name.

I also have another class that for some reason has an instructor who keeps assigning homework.

My birthday is Saturday.  I am going to see tomorrow if my boss will let me use a vacation day for it.  That will be a big incentive to get this paper written so that I can actually have a fun day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The book I need to right about is by a French philosopher.  Although he is not a Christian, he even quotes G.K. Chesterton, so he can’ t be all bad.



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