Busy Day At Work

It was a busy and late evening at work followed by doing two almost overdue work modules at work, but getting paid for it since they were mandatory.  I came home and tried to register for classes, but for some reason, the system would not let me do that. I have two days off. Tomorrow I am going to pretend that the world does not exist as I know it.  I am going to have a fun day and ignore work, school, housework and homework. It has been an incredibly stressful day with too much drama.

I will say that today someone who knows me only marginally told me that my smile was so sincere and lit everything up.  I thought it was funny because previous to that I had a very disturbing conversation with someone, and I was at that very moment wondering where I could go to sob privately to get some kind of release. She was a nice lady, but obviously not a good reader of eyes.

I recently changed churches.  I am really enjoying the move.  I made it not based on hearing God’s voice, but making the decision that I would be better suited at a different church.  This one is different in just about every way.  I am okay with that. The biggest shift is size.  I went from a large almost mega church to a little one service church with about 100 people.  Instead of a rock band, we have a pianist.  We sing hymns. Honestly, I know very little about the church or the people, but so far there is nothing objectionable in any way. I plan to stay there until I die or Jesus comes back or they turn into a mega church. None of those things seems to be on the immediate horizon, but you never really know about Jesus.



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