Simple Life

DSCF5378Life seems so much simpler this summer.  I am working, but not going to school, so I have been able to read some books. I am currently reading a book about simplifying my life.  I have kind of started shopping once in a while at a different local thrift shop.  I went to an estate sale by my daughter and son-in-law’s home and found this great jar.

I am working at reorganizing my life.  This week I hope to get my checkbook balanced for the month and start using the great file cabinet which my husband bought for me for my birthday. I also plan to work on a list like this, which includes goals for every 90 days.

I rearranged my gardens the last couple of weeks.  Only flowers this year so far. We have a huge pile of brush and leaves that I am reducing to a compost pile by getting rid of all of the branches.  Since we have spent about twenty years accumulating this pile, it will take a while to flatten it out.

The latest thing has also been applying for scholarships for nursing school.  It consumed the better part of my day off this week when I received a last minute offer to apply.  I had twenty-four hours.

The most interesting person of the week was a young woman who is a granddaughter of some old friends.  She lives in Boston, was home educated, spent her senior year in Finland and plans to attend the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, majoring in English and the classics.  She promised to be my Facebook friend so I can live vicariously through her awesome experience.

Maybe on my next post you will see my new/used teapot.  I just love it and my uber cool basket.


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