Where Did The Summer Go?

I finished up all of my non-nursing classes in May and took the summer off from school except for gathering all the required stuff and submitting it to my nursing school. Actually, the last thing is faxing in my flu shot tomorrow. I still have several chapters to read before Monday, and I need to hem my scrub pants.

I am going to be mega-busy with school and working 64 hours/2 weeks to keep health insurance, so I can stay in the program. I have not found anyone yet who worked through the whole program while working that much. Everyone burns out from working sometime in the second year of the program and takes out a loan and finishes, kind of limping along until the very end.

My work had a character building seminar for all employees earlier this year. Each of us was asked to choose one trait to work on, one area where we could see that we needed to develop. I chose Perseverance. I think I should have picked Courage. The last few weeks have been really sucky with feeling great discouragement about how I am going to hold it all together and do all of this. Added to that is the fact that I want an orange cat in the worst way. It just seems like I should have one, right? But of course. Short story: it ain’t gonna happen.

It is Sunday. This was my three day weekend. I spent Friday organizing the dizzying array of paperwork from Blackboard, and trying to make sense of it all. I still have several chapters to read, so I went white water rafting on the south fork of the Payette all day on Saturday. I was feeling so discouraged that I actually asked my church to pray for me.

In the parking lot of the rafting company, I met a young woman who is a 2 year RN like I hope to be in 2 years, and she is a traveling nurse who just moved here from Tucson. She works in the ER at a local hospital. I was stunned because around here we are told that 2 year RNs don’t get jobs in hospitals. Then, the funniest thing is that my rafting guide was a guy who is actually an RN in a local hospital telemetry unit. He has been a river guide for 9 years, and this is his last year to do it. He was working three 12 hours shifts at his RN job and working the other four days of the week as a guide. You have to really love river rafting to do that. At any rate they were both very encouraging to me.

The raft trip was sensational although the portage was more rugged than I had planned, but it was a beautiful and wonderful day.

I still haven’t answered the question about where the summer went. Our daughter Abby was living with us for a year, and in the summer she kept me up late talking and watching some talk show every night. I went biking on the Greenbelt almost every day and worked on my yard when I could fit it in. I read a couple of books. We went to Ketchum/Sun Valley for a weekend and met up with my other daughter, Aimee and had fun there. Mostly we shopped, hung out in town, rode the ski lift up Mt. Baldy and hiked down. Yes, I also worked all summer and won a scholarship to pay for most of my tuition the first semester and my work will pay for my books when I finish with a C or better. It took an entire day off to apply for the scholarship for tuition. I was so discouraged when I turned it in because the woman who took it wanted to know why I was turning it on the last day. I told her that I had not even been informed about the scholarship until the previous day. She seemed scornful, to put it delicately. I was so depressed. I thought, “Heck, I spent my ENTIRE DAY OFF filling out this form and gathering substantiating information and writing a cover letter, and now I am turning it in to a witchy woman who obviously wants the scholarship for her cousin or something.” I was totally shocked when I received a voice mail a month later that I had won. I guess that I am easily discouraged in hindsight.

I can see that now.

Perseverance. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen.

It is funny how much I love riding my bike on the Greenbelt. Hey, that’s the other thing I did with my summer. I went to the Boise Bike Project and they helped me fine tune my bike for really cheap. I find bike riding on the Greenbelt to be very fun and relaxing. All for now.


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