What It Is Like

Here’s what it is like to work full time and go to nursing school:

it is largely an insane experience. I have no idea how I am going to do this. So far, my plan boils down to the following items.

1. Feel totally and completely overwhelmed at all of the things I do not know.

2. Be reproved for asking too many questions of too many people. Don’t ask me about this.

3. Set timers for when I am studying. When the timer goes off, run around like crazy and do your laundry for five minutes.

4. Realize that no matter how hard you work that you are not going to have the time you want/think you need to cover the information.

5. Kneel down at the bed with your textbook and cry out to God for help. Sometimes you just cry.

6. Take a shower, get your scrubs on and go to your job.

7. Come home and have no trouble at all falling asleep by 10 p.m.

8. I have watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty about 30 times so far, at least the scene where he jumps out of the helicopter and fights with the shark before being pulled out of the ocean. I turn it on when I am eating lunch and watch just about 10 minutes of it on work days. I consider this to be my entertainment.

9. Sometimes I laugh and tell myself, “Don’t fear the porpose. Don’t fear the porpose.”

10. At other times, I am honest and wonder if the shark will get to me before the boat does.


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