And so, although I still don’t have my voice and I need Nyquil to sleep at night, I am doing better.

I was just feeling totally overwhelmed with being sick and my husband’s health and tired from school and discouraged at work that my mental energy was at zero. Today, I actually accessed and completed an online module for a hospital that I will be working with next year. I still have one more to do, but just being able to do anything academic without feeling totally overwhelmed was a big plus.

Also, I am having coffee with a new friend tomorrow. I met her at a retreat years ago, but we have never connected to do anything in person. We have just kept up the conversation through f/b. She does not live far away, and we have a great deal in common and some friends in common. I think that I was really hoping that my church would somehow come through for me with a couple of friends. That is not going to happen. The best thing is to find your own friends from other places. I could be mistaken, but I think that C.S. Lewis followed the same principle. Church out of duty and obedience, but good friends from other places.


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