My Uber Busy Life

I came to the conclusion that I cannot do it all next semester. I did it all this semester meaning working full time and going to nursing school, but next semester is going to be amped up quite a bit in class and clinical hours, and there is no way I can continue the craziness. I was terribly sick for two weeks and had to keep going so it probably prolonged the whole thing. The kicker has always been that I have to have health insurance to go to nursing school and my husband must have health insurance. That is the benefit of my job. If I go to part time, no health insurance. My mom left me some money, it is going to pay for health insurance while I am in school so that I can reduce my hours and have the necessary time for school. I am convinced that school will always require more hours than I have in a day/week/month, but this will allow me to carve out enough time to get sleep when needed and to exercise. In the long term, I cannot keep functioning without maintaining the asset of my own body. I am hoping to get all of this worked out in the next few weeks. I am still in the throes of finals week and my last clinical of the semester comes later this week. I will have 2 or 3 weeks off from school. I think that all of my negativity has been a result of too much work, too much school and too little sleep and recreation. Eventually, something has to give out. I was me. Thank you to my readers who hung in there with me. This has been a horrific semester. I hear the next one is even harder. It was time to batten down the hatches.


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