Midsummer’s Dream: Using Every Hour

As an ESTJ, I like to organize my surroundings. I had a great plan for this summer for how I would spend my time. I wanted to get up early every morning and make tea and spend the first hour on the patio reading my Bible and praying and watering flowers. I also wanted to ride my bike out to Lucky Peak Reservoir on the Greenbelt just about every morning. That would take two to three hours to get there and come back. I also wanted to spend three hours of every morning in the following way: one hour pre-reading my psych nurse text for next fall, one hour reading Flannery O’Connor’s works and one hour working on my own novel, Megan and the Great Fish.

I am not sure how your day looks, but I don’t really have that many hours in my morning. I have been reading my Bible, praying, eating breakfast and watering flowers. Somehow even with the kids all grown and gone, at that point my day kind of takes a shot in the knee. I can either ride my bike on that really long trip or I could stay home and do the reading/writing gig or I don’t know what.

I haven’t done any of the the last three things. Mostly I have done I don’t know what. I kind of peeked at the psych book, and I stole a few pages out of FOC’s novel and I have not added a single comma to my novel. It is summer, and somehow deep inside, I felt overwhelmed by my own plans. I want to not. Not have to follow a schedule. Not feel nailed down. Not be checking things off of a list that makes me exhausted.

Today I made it to prayer and intercession at church (by bike, woo-hoo!), and I just got back from shopping for miscellaneous things.

Did I mention that one of my yard flamingos died? The sun baked him  so much that his head cracked open and he won’t stay attached to his stand. Now, I have the big decision, to duct tape or not to duct tape. Since he has faded to the lighter, beautiful shade of pink that only older yard flamingos attain, I am loathe to dispose of him. Really loathe. He is beautiful. I have clear wide postal tape for mailing that may nurse him along during the summer. It is just sad.

Also, yesterday, in between doctor appointments for various things, I threw out two house plants that continually frustrated me. One was just always drooping when I was late for weekly watering which was always. Finally, I had just had enough. Plus, a day late meant that leaves would turn brown and be unattractive. Roots filled the entire pot, but the plant itself was pathetic. I put us both out of our misery. The other plant was an African violet that always bloomed, but its root ball had somehow come above the surface of the dirt and was clearly and grotesquely visible. Since the purpose of house plants is to look nice. I decided that after years of not looking nice, I was done looking at them. I have become so critical of house plants, and have enjoyed their absence so much, that I am thinking of doing in the palm tree thing later this afternoon. I found a beautiful succulent plant at Albertson’s on clearance for $2.99. Hopefully, this plant is sturdier and needs less attention. At the very least, I hope it is slow to die. I want to get my money’s worth. I can see now why my husband said that we do not have time to have a dog right now.

I have a summer job at an assisted living facility. It is great practice for nursing clinicals because it is incredibly demanding. It is teaching me to deal with the stress of multiple priorities and the economy of not enough time to meet demands. Maybe that is why I really don’t want to be nailed down to a schedule when I have a day off. Left to my own devices, I have the ability to schedule any activity right to its own death. My husband tells me that sometimes.

I think he is right. And now I need to go repot my new plant or cover all those baseball card boxes with contact paper so they can be transformed into very fun and lightweight building blocks for my grandson when he visits. I may actually sit in my favorite chair eventually and read O Connnor. Or not.


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