80 Days and Church Liturgy

I have about 80 days left in nursing school. If I pass everything and graduate, then I am eligible to take the national test for RNs, the NCLEX. If I pass that, I will actually be an RN with an associate degree and qualified to get a nursing job that takes RNs with only a two year degree.

Today, I got my hair cut and ran around running errands. I have a ton of paperwork and studying to do, so I am going to do that this afternoon and evening. Today’s find: Bigelow Salted Caramel Black Tea. A neuro nurse told me about it this week. It is funny the things you learn from different people. When I found out we both enjoyed Vanilla Chai tea (also Bigelow) I felt like I had found an instant soul sister.

My life is busy even though I am not working. I reason that this is because I am old and it takes me twice as long to learn the same information of the younger students. If it is anything on the computer, factor in five times. One of the parameters to survive school has been that I take Sundays off of school. Period. It is like a 24 hour period of sanity in an otherwise insane life.My other parameter is that I go to a women’s small group once a week or else get together with someone for coffee or lunch. I also go to church on Sunday mornings. That is my spiritual attaboy to get me through the week.

My small group has been studying how we are all different in our approach to worship. We all took a little numbered test in which we chose the options that most appeal to us when it comes to worship. It is from Andy Stanley’s series, You’ve Got Style. The purpose is to identify how each of us functions the best and to learn not to judge others for having a different style.

I am somewhat ascetic with traditional tendencies. I did not really realize this. We were in the middle of a discussion, and I pounded my fist on the desk twice in just a few sentences. It shook the entire table. It was not a personal attack on anyone. I didn’t swear. I was more shocked than anyone. I didn’t realize that I cared about tradition so much until that very moment. I was decrying the fact that my church, the Vineyard, seems to have thrown out the baby with the bathwater. For instance, Advent was never mentioned. There were no candles. There was nothing in the sanctuary that even noted it was Christmas. On the Sunday before Christmas, we sang one Christmas carol/hymn. The rest were all songs you can hear on any Christian radio station, and fall into the contemporary worship category. There is no Lent either.

I am struggling with our lack of tradition. However, I visited a very liturgical and traditional church on Ash Wednesday. I loved the history of it, but I cannot say that it resonated with me that it is for me all the time. I will be staying at the Vineyard, but sometimes I will step out and get my traditional fix. It makes me connect to the ancient church in a tangible way to have all of the traditions of liturgical church. Maybe eventually I will head in that direction, but I am not ready to do it yet. It is not home for me.



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