Mixing Emotions

One day this week I had class and then went grocery shopping. When I arrived home, I had two voice mails. One was from one of our daughters, telling me that she passed muster and was getting licensed as a minister. The other message was from my friend, Irene, letting me know that her husband, Dave, had just a short time to live. Dave was 85 and had served as a pastor for many years.

I called to congratulate Abby, and put away the cold stuff, leaving everything else all over the counters and my backpack, laptop and assorted stuff on the counters as well.

Staying at Irene’s until around nine, I returned home to clean up the house and try to relax.

When I woke up this morning, I finished my clinical paperwork, and then started studying for a huge test.I ran out of energy by early afternoon, and had a huge headache. Grieving is exhausting.

I have studied a lot for this test. I have been reading and taking notes for weeks. I do not feel prepared at all for this test. I just keep trying to put one foot in front of the other. It seems odd to work and study so hard and intensely for so long and to still feel like I am not ready for this test. Really weary. That’s how I feel.

Dave passed away early this afternoon, surrounded by his family. Abby was endorsed and licensed today, probably close to that same time.


2 Responses to “Mixing Emotions”

  1. SprinklerBandit Says:

    What a beautiful juxtaposition.

  2. thegreatfish Says:

    Thank you.

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