Laughable Prayers

So, for starters. I never wanted to be a nurse. I definitely decided not to be a nurse. That was a firm decision based on this fact: I did not want to do it.

One day while driving down the highway 84 and minding my own business, God kind of invaded the car and said that He could call anyone to do anything at any time. Time to rethink that nurse decision.

I told the God of the entire universe, if this is You, I will do this as long as You keep opening doors, but if doors close, You will not get any tears out of me. That sounds more like a threat than inspired obedience, but it is what it is. (What if He asked you to do something that you really did not want to do? That’s what I thought.)

Surprise! Doors kept opening, but I was not really liking anything I was finding behind the doors, except psych. My psych education can be completely summed up in one 100 level class. That and one rotation at a mental hospital and 4 weeks of lectures.

I feel completely incompetent at the nurse thing.

No one in my class wants to be a psych nurse. They are repulsed by it. I was rethinking this psych thing this week. My preceptorship will be at a psych hospital.  Maybe I am making one giant mistake. I prayed about it before I went into church today while sitting in the parking lot. Here’s the really funny thing: I went into church and sat in my usual place and met a psych nurse who works at the jail. After talking to her, she wants me to apply there for a job opening. I have never ever seen that woman before anywhere. She just happened to show up after I prayed.

Bwa ha ha.



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