Butter Sales, Marriage, the Economy and the President of the United States

Grocery shopping and marriage go hand in hand unless you are part of the monarchy of some foreign country.

For instance, I am married to someone who must have butter in the house. He does not do the shopping. When I roll the cart by the dairy case, I get to decide which butter to buy, not if I will buy butter. I always pick the cheapest one because the texture, the quality and the taste do not really matter to me. They are all butter if it says butter on the label.

I also buy Parkay spread or some equally insidious cheap end cardiac clogging thing to put on toast and baked potatoes for myself.

The American political process is similar to my grocery shopping. People do not realize it when they vote, but they are married to things. Some are married to the economy. Some are married to being pro life or pro union, or they hang on every word of PETA.

When they come out of the grocery store/voting booth, what they have is not necessarily what they want, but what they are married to.

It is kind of funny to me to listen to the Republicans right now because they are worried about the future of the United States. They are mad because they think that Trump will win because some candidate with not enough votes to become CEO of Shopko will not drop out and let their candidate “win the primaries,” and beat out Donald Trump, the Great Evil One.

This is wrong on so many levels. First of all, none of the Republican candidates is exactly a front runner or they would not need someone to resign in order to win. The process weeds out people who cannot win.

I think that eventually Donald Trump will get the Republican nomination, but he will become President whether he gets it or not. He is probably more like off-brand Parkay, but the thing that is funny is that he is really more like a rank and file American with money and publicity. He makes us embarrassed because he is typical of us. He is a jerky, pompous, insensitive, demanding, and  reactionary man lacking discernment, morality, and the ability to play fair with others. Yes, he is a typical American, and that is why his candidacy is so embarrassing to all of us.



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