Seeking Comfort

Today, I feel lousy. Somehow I picked up a terrible head cold, and my body just feels exhausted. I made time in my crazy life to take a walk yesterday. I had to keep putting it off because of big, urgent more important things on my schedule, like showing up for clinicals, class and studying for the last big test. However, when I finally got to that time of my week for ‘The Walk’, I was too sick to take it.

By 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. last night, I was too tired to hold my head up. I wonder if I was more tired than sick because I just took two aspirin and two Benadryl, and I was out for the night. Of course, Benadryl makes everyone either tired or wired. Sleep was wonderful.

Today I have a lot of paperwork for school, so I will attempt to get that out of the way. I have been drinking my favorite tea, Bigelow Vanilla Chai, and listening to the rain on the roof. I may soak in a hot tub and just relax before attacking the paperwork that is supposed to be our best work yet, and the last clinical paperwork needed for this degree. (Of course, there will be other paperwork, but it will be and look different.) There is always reading and note taking to do as well, so I am sure that I can work today as many hours as I am willing to work.

At this moment, I am opting for the tub soak so that I do not put it off and become too tired to take it when it fits into the calendar.


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