Such A Weenie

I never made it to the tub yesterday, or the shower for that matter. Homework was not finished until late in the day, and then I just felt even more shot. My amazing husband bought us fast food for supper because I was too tired to make anything. I lounged on the sofa and watched three episodes of House before heading to bed and sweating.

I would have gone to church today if I had the energy. I watched it over the internet although live stream leaves quite a bit to be desired. I think I had to restart it four or five times. Moral: it is better to just go to church. It is also better to be healthy, but there is nothing I could do about that.

Today I worked for a short time in the kitchen. However, I had to quit after not too long because despite lounging around, sleeping all night and doing nothing, I could not stand up long enough to make soup.

On take two, I made chicken soup in the crock pot.

Today my husband brought me two packages of Peeps. Things are looking up.

I have never ever been late or absent to nursing school or to clinicals. In fact, I make it a point to show up early. Always. I need to be not sick tomorrow, and I need to be able to stand up for hours and not  look like Dr. Death.

We shall see.


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