Becoming Bacon/Borderline Brain

Boise is in forest fire season.

Lately, the city has been hot and smokey. Today, I ignored the smoke, the heat and my own good sense, and went bike riding out to Lucky Peak State Park in the afternoon. It is bad enough to do physical activity when it is smokey outside, but it borders on stupidity to do it late in the afternoon when it is hot, especially when you could have left in the morning if you had just gotten your butt in gear.

Thank you for not mentioning it.

I am getting ready to start working nights. Having never worked nights, I feel like more of an advice magnet than a pregnant woman in a grocery store. Somehow, in my addled brain, it seemed like it would help me if I went on a late, hot bike ride.

One person told me that he has always worked nights, and he rearranged his entire life to coincide with his work schedule. He stays up every single night whether he is working or not, and sleeps every day. He freely admitted that his social life sucks.

One woman told me that she followed this type of advice at her last job which she held for less than a year before moving to Idaho. She said that she felt like a vampire with this lifestyle. When she relocated, she was assigned to days which she prefers.

Another experienced woman who work nights all the time told me to take a long afternoon nap on the day of the first night. I trust this woman the most because her advice helped me to pass the NCLEX without stressing out. I am kind of wondering how to make that happen. Hopefully, I will be so tired from my bike ride that I can go to bed and sleep and wake up really early, and then talk my body into taking a nap before I go to work. She said when she is done working a run of nights that she sleeps a few hours, until like noon, and then sleeps again that night and morphs back into a day person.

I also have a white noise machine and those things that cover your eyes. Last night I tried out sleeping with the white noise machine. I really liked the thunder sound track. It is funny that what sounds like thunder when you are sleeping does not sound very much like thunder when you are awake.

I am not sure how this will work, but eventually it has to work because I have to find a way to make it work. I am sure that something will work out, and it will look an awful lot like working at night when the rest of the world is asleep. The edges are fuzzy.

I do have a funny perspective on life. I love my job working as a psych nurse. I oriented to this job working days and evenings. Now, I am going to be a psych nurse who works nights and the requisite weekends because I was hired for nights. To some nurses, that would amount to Nurse Hell. For me it is living the dream. It would be Nurse Hell to me if I had to work in a med/surg unit. Every time that I thought that I might have to do that, I would pray, “Lord, have mercy on my soul.” I consider working noc shift in Psych to be the answer to many desperate prayers.

I have a number of true on-line confessions which I am about to divulge. If that sort of thing bothers you, now is your time to exit.

Now that they are gone, I can tell you this, “I have had a secret stash of peanut butter chips that I was going to make into cookies, but I have been snacking on them instead. They are better than chocolate. I know this because I have a bag of chocolate chips and a bag of M&Ms which I plan to make into monster cookies someday, and they are not a temptation to me at all.”

The second confession. “I killed another houseplant by my lack of attention to any kind of disciplined watering schedule. Tonight, I dumped the nearly dead and very, very tall plant outside. I went to the store and bought more plants. All of the remaining plants are succulent types. If I kill them…Well, let’s not go there. I am going to keep these plants alive through the next 20 months.”

That is the end of the confessions. Working nights and going back to school is going to be quite an undertaking. I have narrowed my wardrobe, my kitchen, my plants and all kinds of things around there. Somehow in my mind, having less clutter and less stuff will make this transition a little easier. I am not aiming at As. I am aiming at Cs. Cs get degrees. That is what I need out of this, a BSN. I am not looking to get into nursing school again or med school or law school.

“Lord, have mercy on my soul.”



2 Responses to “Becoming Bacon/Borderline Brain”

  1. joelmartin Says:

    I slept in a closet on an air mattress with a fan on.

  2. thegreatfish Says:

    This has greatly increased my respect for you. I don’t think I could it. I am staying up all night tonight in order to encourage sleep tomorrow before I work two more nights.

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