More Irritating People

I think that when I was a home school mom that my world was a little too focused at times. This I blame on no one but myself. I was so concerned with educating kids and staying on top of home organization that for many years I never really listened to anyone who disagreed with me. Since I had so little time to fraternize and read outside of my designated reading and fraternizing, I chose friends and authors with whom I already agreed.

The truth is that every busy and focused person is probably quite selective about their use of time or they would never accomplish anything.

I am pretty much failing school right now, a totally new experience for me. However, I am doing the reading. I am just not passing tests or turning anything in on time. I blame this totally on adjusting to working nights and general burn out.

The reading for my Transcultural class has kind of blown me away. I am reading I Am Malala.   I did not expect to like it at all. I expected to hate it. It looked and sounded like the kind of modern drivel that I was completely unlikely to even set on my table stack as a possibility in the coffee bar area at Barnes and Noble.

I bought it only because it was on the reading list, popular and I could just pick it up and not have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. It is fascinating, better than a novel. Of course, I dislike most novels, so that is hardly high praise from me. Reading the first hand account of someone else’s life in different country and culture than I will ever see is, well, enlightening.

So today, I was discussing an idea that the author put forth with some conservative friends, and they were totally not receptive to anything I had to say. I was mocked. No one bothered to inquire further about facts or possibilities before they began shooting out opinions like kids with pea shooters in the junior high cafeteria. Take this, and this. And sarcasm.

The really irritating thing is that used to be my thought line as well. The entire interchange was like a really nasty mirror.

Maybe some good will come from this lousy semester.

End of rant.


2 Responses to “More Irritating People”

  1. SprinklerBandits Says:

    Can I read it when you’re done? I’m familiar with her story (and am a little shocked that there’s much to disagree with) and would love to see the book.

  2. thegreatfish Says:

    Most certainly. I have to do some kind of insipid power point on it first, but yes.

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