And Yet More Irritating People

I promised my friends on that social media site that I would not comment on political things until election day. No controversial issues etc. Today I was a little shocked to see that one of the Bushes actually endorsed Hillary Clinton as a candidate.

As it turns out, someone kind of put the kibosh on this news-wise. You may read about it at your leisure here. It was the elder, 92 year old former Bush president. When you are that old, and you have been President, I think you have pretty much earned the right to depart from the party line and vote for any power-crazed-idiot that you want. That would be either candidate. Neither one is really a Republican. One claims to be pro-life, but is endorsed by the KKK. The other one thinks it is great to pull babies out of the womb and kill them and belongs in prison, but lived in the White House at one time.

I do not even want to think about what the First Spouses are going to do to this country.

I actually bought a Jeb Bush coffee cup. From day to day, I am not sure whether to hide it, use it or beat it with a hammer. It is proof that I did not support anyone else who is running, but when I sit back and take the long view, another Bush as POTUS is kind of creating a monopoly from one family on national leadership. It seems very British. Our smarter, braver ancestors fought a war to avoid that. I want a Revolutionary War t-shirt. They had less money and better educational opportunities than me, and it did not include technology too terribly much. And candles. I love those tall thin dipped candles that smell like evergreens.

On election day, I am going to build a time machine and go back to Revolutionary War days. I need commemorative clothing first.  I plan to go with a”Join or Die” sweatshirt with the snakes. Next, I will need at least two candles, some hot tea, and a large refrigerator box. Also, I think that it would be good to go to Guru Donuts and get one of those really great chocolate covered cream filled things. I should have a map of Boston. I will wear my favorite running shoes.

I can promise you this. I will have more fun than those of you who are going to spend the day voting.


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