The concept of hospitality in America seems in many ways to have gone down the toilet.

As evidence for this observation I will share the following. An unnamed leader sent me an invitation to a dinner. The dinner involved meeting people and helping in a new ministry. When I was sure I was off from work for this event, I received notice that I was uninvited to this kick off dinner.

Also, it was made clear to me that if I wanted to participate in this ministry at all, I would have to fill out an extensive form and submit to two interviews as part of a vetting process.

This was never made clear previously. They just wanted me to come and be involved.

At that point, I declined.

It seemed to me that because of my limited amount of free time in this season of my life, that any free evenings would be better spent at home, despite my sometimes extroverted desire to attend parties.  I decided not to be offended at the offensive note uninviting me or to make snide comments about the lack of administrative organization in this undertaking for inviting people to participate and then telling them that they will be vetted after you have uninvited them.

It is just best overlook stuff like that and roll on. I mean, who would believe it?

Okay, so tonight I receive another invitation from the same person to an event meant solely to promote their other ministry and shoot a promotional video.

Seriously? I said to myself.

After all of that, you think we are all clearing our calendars to promote your money making endeavor?

Please do not accuse me of being sarcastic. I am simply relating what actually happened.

This is part of the very strange phenomenon known as the American church.



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