Reach for the Stars

And so, I found myself working three consecutive night shifts followed by a night off and then, three consecutive night shifts. And so, tonight, on my night off, I went to see the latest Star Trek movie at the late show. For one day off, it is not worth trying to revert back to days.

I was the only customer in the lobby of the theater. Usually I arrive just before the movie, and have to wade through a huge line at the concessions counter. It was fun being the only one.

When I walked in the theater, I was theater goer number three. The funny thing is that we all liked sitting near the front.

Since I liked the original Star Trek television series, and the other ones not so much, I really liked this movie. I will not ruin it for you, other than saying that I kept recognizing one actor from another movie, but I could not place him. Doc McCoy was played by Karl Urban who was in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Eomer) and also in Red (CIA Agent).


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