Two of my favorite green vegetables are overcooked broccoli and canned spinach.

I have a few favorite stores. I like to shop at Anthropologie, but I do not usually buy much there, just mugs and things like stationary or cards. I love shopping there because they hire a local artist to do marketing display. I took my friend, Teresa, out to lunch and introduced her to Anthropologie. We also went to another of my favorite, but overpriced stores, Lush, so that I could pick up two bath bombs. I love bath bombs that smell great, turn the water a dramatic color and fizz so much that you can hear it. I also enjoy shopping at the Idaho Youth Ranch where I actually buy things rather than just gatting about.

As far as shopping experience goes, I also have to recommend Walmart especially with the after 11 pm crowd on a Friday or Saturday night. The characters seen make a person want to write a novel on the level of Flannery O’Connor.

That was a stupid comment. Everyone want to be great like FOC. Tonight, I just felt like a few characters who did not make it into one of her books, but wanted desperately to be in one, showed up in the check out line with their traumatized child at 11:14 pm.


I wonder if any of you ever feel like you have walked into a situation that felt as if you were witnessing the characters from some novel interacting with each other before your very eyes? Nope, probably not. It’s just me.

Since quitting school, I actually feel almost human-like again. I can see now that I was in way over my head. I will get that BSN eventually, but probably not from that school, and probably one course at a time while I am working full time, not three courses at a time.

Another favorite thing that makes me feel more human again, is making cards. My pastor started a new sermon series which is not expositional, but rather an overview of the entire Bible. The first week was on Genesis 1 & 2. The thing that stuck in my mind the most was that the first thing God did was create things. Since we are made in His image, it stands to reason that we would like to create things. I started making goofy cards again from magazine cut outs. My creative work looks very very like an OCD person was allowed to use scissors, a paper cutter, old magazines and glue during recreation therapy.

I don’t know if I am just generally attracted to order and symmetry, or if I should be someone’s case study. At any rate, I enjoy making them in my own weird, restrained, awkward, funny little way. At this point, I probably have enough cards to last me until I am 85. They may be stupid looking, but I can really make ’em fast.  Wait, I could bundle them and give them as Christmas gifts. Too funny.

I am gathering information for my novel in my head. Soon, I am going to start writing snippets in one of my red books (another favorite, red paperback empty books filled with graph paper on which to write – Thank you, Aimee.) to give me material for the actual story, Megan and the Great Fish. It kind of came to a stand still when one of the side characters, a child, was diagnosed with cancer, and I was not sure where to go with it.

Now that I am a nurse, and have friends who work directly in that field, I could ask them all kinds of questions to get the info and background I need, but I don’t think that was what was holding me back. It was a plot issue. I needed to know where I was going long term. I had kind of written myself into a corner. The novel is not about Megan’s nephew; it is about Megan. I keep watching people because I think that from watching and studying people, I will know what Megan will do next.

And so favorite green vegetables, favorite stores, Teresa (one of my favorite people), favorite author, favorite creative activities and favorite Bible, either the NASB or the KJV or the ESV.

For the last favorite category, I have chosen favorite shows to binge watch on Netflix.  NCIS, House, Limitless. I am reluctant to say I have also seen two completely antithetical series: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and When Calls the Heart. Like I said, someone’s case study. Hopefully, someone’s favorite case study.


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